1、This product is alcohol ester high boiling point of organic compounds
3、The material properties:A low odor colorless transparent liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in emulsion grains;With ethanol, ether, acetone, benzene, toluene, ethyl, esters, organic solvents miscibility, etc.
4、Physical parameters:

5、Properties and applications
GV100 film-forming additives used in waterborne polymer latex paint,easily mixed with emulsion,and at higher levels,doesn’t affect the stability of the coating;It is a strong solvent emulsion polymer.
(1).Effectively reduce the minimum film-forming temperature of polymers,The minimum film-forming temperature can reach 0 ℃;
(2).Effectively prevent coating cracking,Scrubbing resistance and film adhesion, has obvious improvement;
(3).Can obviously improve the film forming performance,Increase the glossiness of  film, strength and resistance to pulverization performance and enhance the leveling;
(4).Excellent wet film performance, improve the weather resistance  and the resistance of pigment dispersion
(5).Good storage stability and good freeze-thaw stability.

6、Product of application
Widely used in pure acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinegar acrylic, silicon a crylic-acid latex;
Can be used as acrylic baking varnish and other baking varnish solvent,In printing ink, textile dyes and advanced baking enamel do high boiling point solvents;
GV100 film-forming additives in exterior latex paint, paint, water-based wood coatings, water-based industrial paint, etc, are widely used.
7、Method of use
Ordinary architectural emulsion,It is recommended that GV100 dosage is equivalent to 3%-6%of the emulsion content and not exceed 12%.Without affecting  the stability of the emulsion;
Freezing point is very low,In the winter need not special treatment;
In different construction seasons,different temperature, different humidity,appropriate adjustments.If put it into twice,will have effective performance  
(1) Add 1/2 amount in grinding phase,will help yan/packing of wetting and dispersing;
(2) Add 1/2 amount in paint mixing phase,will help to suppress bubbles.

8、Packaging, transport and storage
(1)、This product use 200kg steed drum.
(2)、Should be handle with care during transportation,don’t upside down,Should avoid collision sunlight fell, prevent the rain, sun,And in conformity with the relevant provisions of the ministry of communications.
(3)、Products are non-toxic,not belong to flammable, explosive material.According to the general goods transportation.
(4)、Contact with the skin,wash with water and soap.
(5)、This product should be kept in a dry ventilated place, storage temperature should be lower than 50 ℃.
(6)、This article from the date of packaging, effective storage period for two years.If the storage period more than two years, according to the index of the re-inspection, if the result accord with a standard, still can use.